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Honda Develops Intelligence Technologies Enabling Multiple ASIMO Robots to Work Together in Coordination

TOKYO, Japan, December 11, 2007–Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has further advanced intelligence technologies enabling its advanced humanoid robot ASIMO to act autonomously and perform uninterrupted service to office guests.
Honda developed an intelligence technology that enhances smooth movement by enabling ASIMO to choose between stepping back and yielding the right-of-way or continuing to walk based on the predicted movement of oncoming people. Honda also developed a new intelligence technology related to ASIMO’s ability to perform tasks such as carrying a tray and pushing a cart. In addition, a newly added function enables ASIMO to automatically charge its battery when its remaining battery level falls below a certain level. Furthermore, a new comprehensive system was developed so that multiple ASIMOs can share tasks by adjusting to the situation and work together in coordination to provide uninterrupted service. For example, if one ASIMO is idled while recharging, other ASIMO robots will step in and perform assigned tasks.

Honda will begin test operations of two ASIMOs equipped with these newly developed technologies December 12, at the second floor lobby of Honda’s Aoyama headquarters.

Since introducing an all-new ASIMO in 2005, with more advanced physical and intelligence capabilities, Honda has focused its R&D efforts more on the area of intelligence technologies. The newly developed technologies, which enable ASIMO to operate in an environment with people and other ASIMOs, bring Honda one step closer to the development of a humanoid robot that can be put to practical use in a real world environment requiring coexistence with people.

New function to work together

In situations where more than one ASIMO works together, information regarding the current status of each ASIMO will be shared constantly among the multiple networked ASIMOs in order to share tasks in the most efficient manner. More precisely, first, the distance between the current position of each ASIMO and the site where each task needs to be performed will be calculated. Then, taking remaining battery levels into consideration, the most time efficient way to share tasks among the multiple ASIMOs will be determined. Based on this decision, each ASIMO autonomously performs its assigned tasks.

New function to avoid oncoming people

ASIMO identifies oncoming people through its eye camera, calculates traveling direction and speed, predicts forthcoming movements of oncoming people, and chooses the most appropriate path so that it will not block the movement of others. When there is not enough space, ASIMO will step back and yield the right-of-way.

New autonomous battery charging function

A new battery charging station was developed for ASIMO’s autonomous recharging. When the remaining battery level falls below a certain level, ASIMO will automatically identify and walk to the closest available battery charging station and re-charge while standing.

Honda will continue its efforts to further advance intelligence technologies with the goal to develop a robot which can be truly useful in a real world environment where coexistence with people is required.

ASIMO History

Creating New MobilityFollwing in the steps of Honda mortorcycles, cars and power products, Honda has taken up a new challenge in mobility --- the development of a two-legged humanoid robot that can walk.Aiming for Function in the Human Living SpaceHonda wants to create a partner for people, a new kind of robot that functions in society.The Concepts Behind Honda's Robot R&DThe main concept behind Honda's robot R&D was to create a more viable mobility that allows robots to help and live in harmony with people.Research began by envisioning the ideal robot form for use in human society.The robot would need to be able to maneuver between objects in a room and be able to go up and down stairs. For this reason it had to have two legs, just like a person.In addition, if two-legged walking technology could be established, the robot would need to be able to walk on uneven ground and be able to function in a wide range of environments.Although considered extremely difficult at the time, Honda set itself this ambitious goal and developed revolutionary new technology to create a two-legged walking robot.

Asimo Humanoid Robot

The People-Friendly Robot

The robot's size was chosen to allow it to operate freely in the human living space and to make it people-friendly. This size allows the robot to operate light switches and door knobs, and work at tables and work benches. Its eyes are located at the level of an adult's eyes when the adult is sitting in a chair. A height of 120cm makes it easy to com municate with.Honda feels that a robot height between 120cm and that of an adult is ideal for operating in the human living space.

ASIMO Makes First Appearance at Petrosains

Petrosains’ Director of Marketing, En. Syed Yazrine Shahab who was present at the event said that it was indeed an exciting session today as he stressed upon the importance of leaving a positive impact on the lives of the students, particularly in building a fulfilling pathway for their future. ASIMO is the epitome of grand technology advancement, and Petrosains is honoured to be able to host ASIMO’s preview in Malaysia. ASIMO is a clear reflection of Petrosains’ highly interactive science communication methods and engaging-fun-learning approaches in inculcating the interest in science and technology among society. “We must continue to nurture inquiring minds and creative thinking skills in our children while promoting Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) and life-long learning,” added En. Syed Yazrine.Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, is an exciting informal learning institution that offers interactive exhibits and scientific programs that are vibrant and engaging. Strategically situated in the PETRONAS Twin Towers at Level 4, Suria KLCC, this contemporary science centre was established by PETRONAS in its commitment, as a socially responsible corporate citizen, in providing a rich and stimulating environment to enhance science literacy. Also at the event was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia, Mr. Atsushi Fujimoto. “With the objective of bringing excitement and educating people about science and technology, Petrosains is an ideal place for ASIMO to showcase his latest innovations. I am pleased that we can work hand-in-hand with Petrosains in reaching the future generation of Malaysia as we continue to inspire them,” said Mr. Fujimoto.“ASIMO is a result of Honda’s dream of creating an ideal robot, envisioning to one day ease people’s lives as Honda strives to become a company that complements society. It took the Honda engineers 22 years of overcoming challenges to achieve what ASIMO is today. We at Honda have instilled in us the Challenging Spirit and as ASIMO has inspired us all, we hope ASIMO will be the inspiration to students to challenge themselves to reach out for their dreams, “added Mr. Fujimoto. ASIMO will be in Malaysia for the whole month of November. During a road tour in Malaysia, ASIMO will cover the Klang Valley, Johor and Penang to bring a message of hope and inspiration especially to the youths of today.

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